Birthday Celebrations at the Studio

Nothing brings me more joy than getting to celebrate your milestones in my studio!! We will sing Happy Birthday and smile and laugh at any age. I love to see my clients year after year to compare how much the kiddos have changed in such a short amount of time. Custom cakes and backdrop set-ups are included in some sessions - email me for details!

Mini Party


- 30 minute session
- Choose from a variety of backdrops/props
- 35 digital images (free downloads)
- Online gallery

Star Party


- 45 minute session
- Custom backdrop/props
- Mini cake
- Birthday gift
- 50 digital images (free downloads)
- Online gallery

VIP Party


- 60 minute+ session (or until we accomplish all photos desired, or the kiddo is done)
- Photo(s) with parents/siblings
- Custom backdrop/props
- 6 inch round custom cake
- Birthday gift
- 65 digital images (free downloads)
- Outfit change option